NordicNordic Health & Beauty is a unique concept that addresses the overall wellbeing of the person. We do this by offering an online store as well as a carefully selected retailer network that reaches our target audience.  
As our name, NordicNordic Health & Beauty, indicates, our goal is to highlight the uniqueness of ingredients from the arctic woods of Finland. These ingredients and products can be used by anyone for overall wellbeing -  we offer natural, unique, and comprehensive wellbeing and beauty.  
It is extremely important to us to work with and collaborate with like minded partners and companies whose values line up with ours! 


Do your values match with ours? Do you want to improve people’s overall health and beauty with unique products? Are you always talking about healthy foods or natural cosmetic?

Do you want to share information with others?

If so, you’re going to love our NordicNordic Health & Beauty partner program!

 Review our guidelines below and click the link to apply!


- Min. 1,5k followers on Instagram or TikTok OR subscribers on your YouTube channel

You have a Facebook group or page about health, wellness, fitness, natural beauty, or a related topic

You have a health or natural beauty business or blog

2 sales are required each month to stay in the program


Let's do this together!

When you become our partner, you get to do what you love and are passionate about and get paid for it! 

 Here are some program highlights:

 1.Make a 5-20% commission on every sale made with your affiliate link!

 2. Earn free products and samples.

3. Track your sales and commissions via your personal reporting dashboard on  our app.

4. Payments are sent electronically 45 days post-purchase to make sure returns and fraudulent purchases are not paid out.