Beauty FAQ

Top 10 FAQ about NordicNordic Beauty

We have compiled the 10 most common questions about NordicNordic Beauty products. If you have any additional questions, comments, or feedback, we would be happy to hear it! Email us at

Q: How long are my products good for?

A: Once opened, NordicNordic Beauty products can be safely used for 6 months. We recommend storing them away from direct sunlight and in climate-controlled temperatures or in a skincare refrigerator if available. 


Q: Are your products animal-tested?

A: Never! Our products follow certification standards for natural cosmetics which have strict guidelines against animal testing.

Our products or ingredients are never tested on animals!


Q: Can I have an allergic reaction to your products?

A: Natural cosmetics are gentle on your skin but you can have an allergic reaction to it just like with synthetic products. If you are allergic to a plant or a part of it, and it is used in our product, you may have an allergic reaction.

Many people with reactions to scents are able to handle natural scents from essential oils better than artificial scents. 

Our products do not contain any strong synthetic preservatives which are the main reason for most allergic reactions. 

If you have had allergic reactions in the past or are worried, we recommend choosing products with a short list of ingredients and trying one new product at a time.


Q: Can I use your products while pregnant?

A: We generally recommend using skincare and cosmetics while pregnant with some caution. Choose simpler and more effective products such as toners, oils, and creams with very little or no preservatives, scents, emulsifiers, and routines with only a few steps. 

NordicNordic Beauty products do not strain or overload your skin, body, hormones, or the environment. We have done a lot of research to ensure we can guarantee the safety of our products. 

During your first trimester, we recommend you to not use any products that have not been researched to be used during pregnancy. Essential oil experts and researchers, recommend not to use them during the first trimester and we support this recommendation. 

These products are fully safe to use during the whole pregnancy as well as while breastfeeding because the essential oil amount is minimal: 

  • Ultra Hydrating Serum 

  • Ultra Moisturizing Cream

  • Refreshing Balm Cleanser 


Q: Do you use any preservatives or additives?

A: ​​Here are the ingredients we always say "No Thank You" to: 

  • "No Thank You"  - synthetic perfumes and colors 

  • "No Thank You" - parabens and other synthetic preservatives 

  • "No Thank You" - mineral oils and petrochemical products 

  • "No Thank You" -  Ingredients such as PEG etc.

  • "No Thank You" - Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) and other strong detergents


Q: Will my skin break out from the oils?

A: Acne-prone skin needs plant-based oils because of the omega fatty acids in them as well as the antioxidants which help support the moisture and protective qualities of the hydrolipidic film. For acne-prone skin, we recommend gently patting on a few drops of Arctic Ageless Beauty Oil after your serum. 


Q: My friend recommended a product for me and I don't like it, What should I do? 

A: Product suitability is very personal. A product can be perfect for someone but not work for the next person. All our products in the NordicNordic Beauty ritual are suitable for all skin types but your skin's current condition, the time of the year, stress levels, and hormones as well as other cosmetic products you may be using can also affect the reaction as well as results. 


Q: How many ingredients are used in your products?

A: Beauty product ingredients are listed in the order of proportion of the end product. The ingredients that make up less than 1% of the total can be listed in any order.  If a product has 20-30 or even 50 ingredients listed, it does not mean that the product is any more effective. The overall amount of each ingredient can be very low. Because of this, our ingredient lists are fairly short and we have carefully chosen the most effective ingredients for our products. 


Q: Are your ingredients organic & where do they originate from? 

A: We use organically certified ingredients whenever possible and the majority of them are also grown in Finnish Lapland in the wild. You can identify the ingredients with an asterisk in our ingredient list.
The preservatives and other fillers used in the products all meet the standards set for natural cosmetics. Our ingredients such as Nordic berries and berry seed oils are all sourced from our partner in Lapland in Finland.

Any ingredients from outside of Finland come from trusted partners in Europe.


Q: Where are your products made? 

A: Our products are produced in a factory operated in Finland that develops products from beginning to end, starting with product development. 

The whole production process happens under one roof from pre- handling of the ingredients to the finished product being shipped to the U.S.

All our products are produced in small batches so the product you receive is always fresh! Everything is handmade so you are receiving true artisan cosmetics from us to you!