Lingonberry Powder

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Lingonberry Powder


Our tangy dehydrated lingonberry powder can be mixed in with many foods and drinks.  It is very similar to the taste of cranberries and the dehydrated ground berry retains the highest levels of antioxidants. 

There's almost a month's worth of servings per container - you only need a tablespoon per day!

  • 3.2 oz of pure lingonberry with no additives, food color or preservatives - pure, raw, vegan, paleo.
  • Contains over 7000 whole hand-picked super berries from the pure forests of Finland with the seeds and flesh included. That's 300 berries/tablespoon, your daily serving!
  • High in Vitamin E
  • Great source of Fiber, manganese and variety of polyphenola

Learn more about the NordicNordic products, health benefits of lingonberry and check out our custom Recipes!

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Customer Reviews:

By Laura Clairmont on January 3, 2016- I love this powder. I feel like it gives my everyday a kick of interesting. I love to add this to everything. I add it to my yogurt in the morning and sometimes oatmeal. It makes my baked goods taste better! I like to add a spoonful to everything like waffle mix! This has made my life more delicious. I like to try to stay healthy and keep my kids on that track too. I love that I can make things healthier without them even knowing. This is a good sized container but I am afraid it won't last long in my house! However, a little bit does the job. I might just be too liberal with it! I read this is good for urinary tract health like cranberries! I am pretty prone to those OUCH! This is better than taking those cranberry pills all the time or drinking mass amounts of cranberry juice.

By denise on December 9, 2015 - Love it! I can't find this in stores anywhere. I love to add it to smoothies and shakes.

By Angela - Health Conscious Mom on December 20, 2015 - This tin contains pulverized freeze dried berries - so the quantity of berries inside is huge. You can't beat berries for nutritional value and to have a long term shelf stable quantity of berries without added sugar or preservatives is wonderful.
This berry powder tastes great and really brightens up the color of a smoothie, yogurt, or oatmeal. My favorite use for it, surprisingly, was in making lip balm. We make our own lip balm and I found that adding just a bit of the berry powder tints the balm beautifully and gives it a hint of berry taste. I love it and I would buy it again!

By Jason on December 28, 2015 - I have never tired Lingonberry until just recently and have been hearing nothing but amazing things about this superfood. Lingonberry is a distant cousin of the cranberry and has the highest concentration of antioxidants of all the berries. You can never have enough antioxidants added to your diet and this powder is a great way to keep yourself healthy!
The health benefits of Lingonberries are nothing short of amazing and include:
• Help to prevent urinary tract infections
• Effective in lowering cholesterol
• Promote bone health
• Helps to maintain healthy blood pressure
• Good source of essential fatty acids
• Powerful antioxidant
• Rich in flavonoids most notably quercetin.
These Scandinavian berries also produced lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol, which protects the heart from diseases. I love this Lingonberry powder most especially because of the taste, not too tart but just the right amount of berry flavor that adds pizzazz to any recipe. I added this to my smoothies and pancakes and it tasted excellent. Tonight I added it to my egg nog and it was delicous. I love this Lingonberry powder and look forward to trying out new recipes with it.