Chaga Tea-Cocoa & Peppermint

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Chaga Tea-Cocoa & Peppermint


Contains a blend of organic cocoa shell powder and peppermint to add some sweetness to your tea.

Features & Benefits

  • Hand-picked chaga mushroom from pure Finnish nature
  • 20 easy to use tea bags-Individual tea bags can be used multiple times until no more flavor is released. That's at least 60 cups of flavorful tea!
  • No MSG's or Artificial Additives
  • Nature's most powerful antioxidant with over 215 phytonutrients
  • Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)
  • Nutrient-Rich with high Antioxidant Levels
  • Caffeine Free
  • Immune system modulator
  • Source of Beta Glucans & Betulinic Acid

The benefits of chaga are best absorbed when enjoyed with Vitamin C. Make sure to pair it with other NordicNordic products! Check out our recipes and more information about Chaga!


It is important to note that you should avoid usage of chaga tea if you are currently prescribed to penicillin or if you take intravenous injections of glucose in order to avoid any unwanted interactions or side effect. Also avoid usage if you are allergic to mushrooms.

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Customer Reviews:

By Ms. M. N.  on December 15, 2015 - I drink tea every day, and despite trying many kinds of tea, I had never tried chaga before (nor did I know what it was!).
Of the different varieties of Chaga Tea, and I selected the vanilla, which contains: Pure 100% Wild Harvested hand-picked Raw Chaga, 25% Organic Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla, an all-natural alcohol and sugar-free powder.
The directions recommend steeping 5-10 minutes and the teabags can be re-steeped as long as the tea bag still releases color.
This tea has an earthy taste. It is not bitter or strong. To me, it tastes like a red tea, and it has a great vanilla flavor. I don't sweeten this tea (but I generally do not sweeten my teas).
Overall, I enjoy this tea and it is nice to be reaping the many health benefits too

By Laura T on December 18, 2015 - I am definitely not a tea or coffee drinker as I find that caffeine makes me jittery and anxious . However, when I came across this unusual tea, I thought I'd give it a try. I am a chronic insomniac, and I have issues sleeping. I tried this tea just before bed. I prepared a medium sized mug of this tea, with warm water, and added a bit of soy almond milk to it for it taste. The bags are re-usable so you can easily use the same bag from the previous evening again in the morning.
The only thing I found a bit problematic is what to do with the tea bag, between uses. It seemed more practical for making a large pot of tea, but when making just one glass, you end up having wet tea bags just sitting around until you are ready to use them again.
This tea has a very mild flavor, not at all bitter or overpowering. I prefer a sweeter beverage so as I mentioned I added a bit of Soy Almond milk, and Coconut milk and a packet of Stevia the second time. This tea provided an extremely calming, relaxing and almost sedating effect. I feel asleep within a half hour of drinking it. For someone who has tried numerous sleep remedies, I was really surprised how potent it was.
I had it again in the morning, when I am often anxious, and felt a calming effect. I would absolutely order this product again, and feel it has a significant impact on sleep difficulties and anxiety

BySaving Common Centson December 17, 2015 - I love that you don’t need to suffer any symptoms to feel the benefits of drinking this tea. The Nordic Nordic Chaga Tea comes in easy to use individual tea bags (20) in a sealed container (for freshness). The Cocoa & Peppermint Chaga Tea has a soothing, subtle flavor. There’s no harsh, over powering mint flavor, just a minty reminder covering a soothing chocolate undertone. I love that the tea bags are ready to be used at least 3 times without sacrificing flavor

ByJanuary Roseon December 23, 2015 - This tea is so delicious,  my children and husband loved it as well. Itis such a delight and such a treat. Best of all, by drinking this tea, you are doing that is good for you. What made me fall in love with this tea, is not just how good it is for my health, but also the deliciouscocoaflavor accompanied by mint. This combination provides a yummy rich decadence. Now, I enjoy my tea plain, but my children prefer it with a spoonful of honey and a bit of milk. I think the fact that mushrooms arethe main ingredient in this tea could possibly deter people. But there is no mushroom taste.  This tea tastes like a delicious mint chocolate. The main reason I had for wanting to try Chaga tea, is that I remember reading that people who drinkChaga tea on a continuous basis, will usually live 80 to 100years. This longevity is attributed to superoxide dismutase which is quite potent in Chaga Tea and works by stopping oxidation. That makes this tea perfect for those who really care about their health and overall well being.