finland-land of the MIDNIGHT sun


Finnish Nature

Finnish forests and bogs supply an abundant natural crop of berries and mushrooms. 

The arctic winters harden plants and make them adaptable and more nutritious. The bright Northern summer ripens a luscious harvest of berries in the forests and bogs every year. The nutrient and mineral content of Finnish products are as much as 4-5 times as compared to berries and mushrooms grown in Southern locations or farms. 

The quality of berries grown in Finland is believed to be the best in the world because of the Midnight sun phenomenon during which long sun exposure time in berry ripening season expands from May to August of the year. 

We have selected suppliers that have decades of experience in producing 100% natural products with organic raw materials under the supervision of the European Union. All of the berries and mushrooms are collected in an organic growth area in the Finnish Lapland.  The area meets the GAP- standards and each batch is tested and verified for purity. This is to ensure that you receive the best quality, most effective and freshest products.