The World Food Trends for 2018 & Finnish Superfoods

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Every year the media highlights the trends for the year for different categories - fashion, interior design, travel, fitness as well as food. The Independent published a story in November for the food trends of 2018 for health foods as predicted by the experts at Whole Foods. I happened to see the story by accident and was excited to find the main ingredients NordicNordic offers on the list- berries and medicinal mushrooms. Reeta and I have obviously known for awhile now that it's just a matter of time for our NordicNordic products to be "What Everyone is Looking For". And that has now happened!

Berry (Powders)

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As like in past years, different kinds of powders are continuing to be popular. According to Whole Foods, powders can be found in different products from smoothies, baked goods and bars. It is important that the ingredients of these products are scrutinized closely to make sure you are really getting the high quality pure product you are paying for. 

Thankfully there are many suppliers in the market that operate under high standards and ethic to ensure the customers well being and satisfaction. We can proudly say that our NordicNordic berry powders are made with 100% pure berries with the highest health benefits that fit every diet. Every berry has its own unique health benefits but they also share many main ones. You can be sure that all four of our berries are true health foods. Check out all the unique health benefits on our pages.

Chaga aka Functional Mushrooms

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Medicinal mushrooms have been used especially in drinks for while now - in tea, coffee and as liquid in smoothies. Now these super mushrooms are making their way into cosmetics and in skincare specifically. 

We are especially proud of the feedback we get from our customers for our chaga. Our Finnish chaga is the purest in the world and we see that in the comments from people. Our unique, patented processing method ensures that our chaga has all of the health benefits intact. There's no need to worry abut maltodextrine or starch, only pure chaga and carefully selected organic spices. We are currently in development of a few new interesting chaga products but more on those later this year. 



Flowers have traditionally been viewed as decorations on dishes but now they are being used as flavor for drinks. How does a lavender chaga latte sound? Or elderflower seabuckthorn cocktail? Elderflower can be found on many trendy plates and drinks this year. 

Middle Eastern Food

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Some of the flavors used traditionally in Middle Eastern food; pomegranate, eggplant, parsley, cucumber, mint and dried fruit, are finding their way in to Western cuisine according to Whole Foods. 

Persia, Israel, Morocco, Syria and Lebanon are top destinations for food travelers. We have been using these flavors in our recipes for awhile now. Lingonberry pairs wonderfully with pomegranate and follows our #eatsupercolors guidelines for eating by the colors. And of course you can find organic mint in our Cocoa peppermint chaga!

Transparency 2.0

Not edible but still trendy.

Transparency in food labels will be a requirement in the new year, as more “consumers want to know the real story behind their food, and how that item made its way from the source to the store.”

According to Whole Foods, you should especially care about GMO transparency, in addition to Fair Trade Certifications, responsible production, and animal welfare standards.

Whole Foods has followed their own advice by making three important changes, including how their canned tuna is caught, using labels that provide GMO transparency on all food items, and providing calorie information on all food.

A few other topics that made it on the list:  A Coupling of Technology and Plant-based Diets, Puffed & Popped snacks, Tacos, Root - to - stem and bubbles. You can check out the whole article online. 

We hope 2018 truly is the year for Finnish superfoods!


With health & love,

Nina & Reeta