The Good and The Bad of 2017!

Finnish New Year

We are in a new year again, how time flies! It feels like I was writing a summary of 2016 just yesterday and now I am doing the same for 2017. 2016 was a great year for NordicNordic but 2017 was spectacular. We are starting to fulfill all the dreams we had when we started our venture.

We added many wholesalers this year: Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Capbeauty, Finnstyle, Huset, Löyly to name a few. Our brand has taken off and we constantly get positive feedback about the quality of our products!

Finnish Organic Lingonberry

We sell almost equal amounts of chaga and berries but one product deserves a special mention- lingonberry. Most of us know of Dr. Axe and we were happy to see one of his blog posts this spring about the health benefits of lingonberry. It immediately affected our lingonberry sales and we heard back from so many of you about the consistency and aroma of our lingonberry and how much you enjoyed it.

We also opened another option for you to buy our products in Europe by joining Amazon Germany ( Our European customers have been asking for an easier way to purchase our products for the past year and this was the simplest way to make that happen. We have been pleasantly surprised by the success especially with all flavors of chaga.

Amazon international

Obviously, life is not all positive all the time and we have been faced with some challenges. Unfortunately, our challenges have not changed much since last year. International logistics still create our biggest issues. It does not seem to matter if we send our products in a large container on a ship or as air cargo, the delivery schedules are delayed and products get damaged. We don’t mind the extra work but we hate that you get effected with products being out of stock or delayed.

Last year we shared our Top 5 most popular products and thought it would be a fun tradition to start. So here we go:

TOP 5 of 2017

Nordic organic bilberry


Still #1 second year in a row. Loved by all :) 

Nordic organic lingonberry


#4 last year but now at #2! We love that you are starting to love this super berry!!!

Nordic organic chaga

Natural Chaga

We cannot believe how popular natural chaga has been but I guess it is not hard to believe considering the high, unparalleled quality & purity.

Nordic peppermint cocoa chaga

Cocoa & Peppermint Chaga

Vanilla used to be our most popular chaga flavor for the longest time. This chocolate treat took over this year and has become your favorite.

Nordic organic black currant


This berry did not make the list last year but has done well. I think everyone is discovering the sweet, mild flavor of this organic super berry.

So, those are the Top 5 of 2017. Which ones are part of your nutrition daily or which ones will you be adding? We will be covering the new food trends of 2018 next week and you can find out how many we already have in our product family!

Again, we want to thank you for the past year, it was been a blast! We look forward to continuing on the same wellness road this year! #eatsupercolors

Happy New Years!

With health and love,

Nina & Reeta