#Eatsupercolors part 2 -RED

Eat super colors- rainbow

As I shared in January, in 2017 our theme is #eatsupercolors. It's time to move to the color of love, red. Red is said to be energizing and sometimes the color of aggression ”Red foods have a fiery energy!”

According to Chinese medicine, Chi, digestive fire, is red. If you are tired or anemic, you are probably needing something red - either meat (if you are a meat eater) or something else naturally vibrantly red. The color red is said to reduce inflammation and that is actually one of the main health effects of our super berry lingonberry.  

E-Coli & Lingonberry

ecoli bacteria

E-coli bacteria is almost becoming an epidemic in the U.S. It's causing urinary track infections and the treatment with antibiotics is destroying people's gut health and in worse cases makes the person resistant to all antibiotics. This major problem thankfully has a natural solution and treatment. Research  by Marina Heinonen in the University of Helsinki shows that the phenolic compounds in lingonberry prohibits E-coli bacteria from multiplying and attaching. 

Other health benefits

The sour lingonberry has been shown to stop bacterial growth and attachment in your mouth. 100% natural lingonberry is used to prevent gum infections and thrush in babies. It's critical to only use pure lingonberry with no added sugars and only products with the essential oils still included, just like in our lingonberry powder. 

Other infections in the body can also be helped by lingonberry, especially gastrointestinal infections. The ellagic acid and phenols support the good bacterial growth in intestines and strong bacteria supports our immune system. If you have any indigestion issues, it's worth trying lingonberry as well. Lingonberry heals the mucous membrane and reduces the fermentation process in the intestines. It also has critical fatty acids that are hard to get from daily nutrition as well as high levels of potassium to help those with high blood pressure. Lingonberry also helps with cholesterol and bloodsugar levels and has also been said to help with allergies and even cancer.

Lingonberry & Resveratrol


Lingonberry is a natural source of vitamin E, has high levels of manganese, calcium, proanthocyanins, lignans, and resveratrol. Dark grapes contain a lot of resveratrol which is believed to cause the "French Paradox". The French use a lot of cheese in their diet (source of saturated fats) compared to Finns usage of vegetable oils and vegetables, but it is believed that the higher usage of grapes and red wine ,and in turn higher levels of resveratrol, protects them. Resveratrol acts as a strong antioxidant increasing your energy and by adjusting genetic mechanisms. 

The Finnish super berry has the same level of resveratrol as red wine without all the negative side affects. Lingonberry is perfect especially for women. It balances estrogen levels and gives an extra boost to your adrenaline glands.

Daily Dose

To enjoy all the daily health benefits of lingonberry, you need to eat about a cup of fresh berries each day. 1 tbsp. of NordicNordic lingonberry powder = 3/4 cups of fresh berries so a tablespoon a day with your morning smoothie or oats gives you all the health benefits. 

Here's my favorite green smoothie, I change  up the toppings from time to time but here it is with red lingonberry. I love combining the cleansing green with the energizing red! 

green smoothie with lingonberry

Green Smoothie Recipe

½ Cucumber

1 Organic green Apple

2 Celery Stalks

Bunch of spinach and lettuce

½ avocado

2 Tbsp Organic Orange Juice & Water for Liquid

on top: Lingonberry

Put all ingredients in the blender, mix and enjoy

With Health, Nina