Top 5 reasons to enjoy 100% Finnish chaga each day!

reindeer in arctic Lapland

1. It's pure. Grown in the wild, in the unique growing environment in Finland. A true handpicked superfood! I recently saw a quote ”Chaga is nature’s vacuum cleaner”. As I think about it more, it makes sense to choose the purest chaga on the market. It's hard to believe that chaga grown in the polluted environments in Russia or China can be an efficient vacuum for the pollutants in your body.  


2. All the health benefits are contained. We have picked a manufacturer that has a patented and authorized manufacturing method that ensures the high quality of the chaga during the processing. Other instant chagas on the market are dried with industrial dryers that require extra additives to stop the powdered chaga from burning. These additives include maltodextrine and starch. It's widely known that maltodextrine by in large is made with GMO corn and starch turns into sugar when digested. And the most misleading thing when these products are marketed- the end product can contain around 50% additives. You will never find any additives in NordicNordic chaga tea or instant chaga and our products are always the real deal. 


3. It's an ecological choice. Our chaga packaged in our unbleached tea sachets is environmentally friendly. The same sachet can be used up to three times. Why choose individually packaged/single serve chaga powder where cheaper medicinal mushrooms and herbs from Asia have been added the total weight.

mint chaga chocolate raw cake

4. You can use it for both drinks and meals. I personally prefer chaga as a drink because it's so easy to make but there's nothing stopping you from adding it to your meals. I do have a few favorite recipes (and they seem to be popular with our customers as well!) that I use chaga in including chaga snack bars and the tasty mint chaga cake. Everyone that has tried the cake has been amazed that it's raw and made with mushrooms.   

5. You feel the effects quickly in your body. Our mom is currently battling breast cancer and the Finnish doctors caring for her are amazed that all the strong treatments have not affected her the way they expect. She's been able to stay strong and keep to her regular routine with minimal weak days. We haven't found any other explanation for this than drinking chaga daily, eating Finnish berries and keeping her vitamin D levels high. Of course my mom's diet has consisted of pure Finnish nutrition for a long time now and it shows! Her prognosis is very positive right now so we are all very grateful that she is getting better. She totally agrees with the fact that you can feel the effects of chaga quickly, it's a great energy boost without pushing you over the edge. 

I believe that after you test our Finnish superfoods, you'll agree with me. It's the best that nature can offer- In addition to Finnish berries of course :)

With Health, Reeta