Certified Organic!!!!

We are proud to announce that our berries that are grown in the wild are now also certified organic! 

european organic
usda organic

It may not seem super important but it's actually amazing news! This means that wild Finnish woods offer the same purity and growing environment as controlled organic farms. As we always say- there's nothing better than pure Finnish woods! 

Pure nature- it's the beginning of it all.No pesticides, no fertilizers, nothing that can negatively affect your health. Organically labeled products are officially certified and guarantee that all steps of the process from picking of the berries to the dehydration process are controlled.

Responsible Harvest


All our products are handpicked to guarantee quality and to protect the environment. Our trained professional pickers know to only choose the ripe berries that are ready to be harvested. The weather during the seasons greatly affects the perfect harvest time and trained pickers watch the woods to find the optimized time to go picking. It can be a matter of days to choose the right time to pick the right berries.

Patented Processing

When the ripe plump berries arrive at our facility, they are dehydrated whole in slow low temperature (40 degrees Celsius/100 degrees Fahrenheit) process which makes them perfect for people also following a raw lifestyle. When the berries are processed whole, the valuable oils and juice are preserved in the berry without the addition of any preservatives, additives or artificial colors or flavors.

Finished Product

organic dehydrated berries

After our berries are dehydrated, we gently ground them fairly coarsely to maintain the maximum level of the natural fats in the berry. Then we package them in containers that protect the products from UV rays. This ensures that the powder stays fresh and you can enjoy them without any worries. 

There is no need to cook or prepare our NordicNordic dehydrated berries in any way. All of them are ready to be enjoyed and because of our patented processing method, have a long usage time. This ends up being a more economical option compared to quickly spoiling fresh berries and farmed berries have many risk factors (as I've shared those before in my blog posts). You can add your daily serving (1 tablespoon) to your morning oats, smoothies, baking or just eat it on top of apple slices (personal favorite: apple slices with almond butter and bilberry. YUM!)

Finnish super berries give you the needed vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, and fiber - all the things you need to stay healthy. 

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With health,