Lingonberry-healthier than blueberry or acai!

The Finns have used super berry-lingonberry for ages to balance blood sugar levels and because of its high resveratrol level that help control the fat content in our bodies. Swedish Lund University has published a study to support this "folk knowledge" with modern research.

lingonberry in Finland

During the study, lingonberry was shown to contribute most positively to our health. The study was conducted with eight different berries over three months. The subjects were split into groups-  eight groups were on a high fat diet (45% of calories from fat), supplemented with one of eight different freeze dried berries (lingonberry, blackcurrant, raspberry, bilberry, blackberry, crowberry, prunes or acai berry powder. One control group was on a calorie-matched high fat diet without berries and another control group was on a low fat diet (10% calories from fat) without berries After three months, the subjects on the lingonberry diet had the best lab results. The subjects on a high fat-lingonberry diet had not gained any more weight compared to the subjects on the low fat diet. In fact, their blood sugar and liver values as well as their cholesterol levels were better than other groups. 

The Brazilian "superberry" acai was shows to actually increase the aptitude for weight gain as well as liver values.

Source: Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, Volume 2014 (2014), Article ID 403041

One of my favorite recipes for breakfast:

lingonberry green smoothie

1 ripe avocado

Handful of baby spinach

1 organic green apple 

Handful of romaine lettuce

1 tbsp wheat germ powder

1 tbsp MCT oil

40 g Protein powder (any flavor)

2 tsp NordicNordic lingonberry powder 

Spring water (optional:ice)

Place all ingredients in a blender and mix well!

While waiting for further research on berries, Reeta and I are offering you the amazing health benefits of the arctic berries grown in Finland. Lingonberry is not the sweetest of berries but it's 100% super!