The good & the bad for 2016!

The year is changing soon!

healthy new year

The past year has been surprising in many ways. We started our business less than 1 1/2 years ago with the belief that worldwide logistics and shipments work and you get what you pay for. That has rarely been the case in reality :(  Our shipments in the U.S. have been smooth but our larger deliveries from oversees have had challenges. I never know what situation I will walk into. Sometimes a large container is sitting in a port in Europe for over a week because of a mistake made in loading the ship or at an airline terminal because it wasn't put on the correct plane. These situations have created unnecessary headaches and it seems the bigger we get, the bigger the headaches. 

We are still happy about the challenges we have had because we have learned new things and know now more than ever what a difference working with the right people (and companies) makes!

We are in good shape for 2017- we have maximized our production capacity, we are working with a reliable logistics company and the best of all- we are expanding!!!! We will soon have our products available in Europe and we have a new person joining our team in January. Our new team member is an expert in international sales and marketing and we can't wait to use her skills in our current and new markets. We'll share more exciting info about the expansions soon... So, big things are happening for NordicNordic in 2017! 

But what else happened in 2016? Well, these are our TOP 5 products for the year:

1) Bilberry powder


As we expected, Finnish super bilberry has been #1! The deep blue super berry is sooooo good and my kids eat it out of the container if I don't watch them closely.

2) Chaga tea - vanilla

vanilla chaga

The smooth taste of vanilla chaga has been the most popular flavor this year! Vanilla is said to be the "love spice" and it looks like people truly do love it!

3) Organic Sea Buckthorn powder

organic sea buckthorn

We launched this back in May and people loved it right away. It was hard for us to give up sea buckthorn juice earlier this year but we have been happy with the powder as a substitute. Our customers love the simplicity of working with the powder and how much easier it is to take with you to almost anywhere.






4) Lingonberry powder

organic lingonberry

The red super berry's popularity surprised us this year. We knew we loved it but didn't expect others to embrace it so quickly. The resveratrol level in lingonberry is as high as in red wine without any added chemicals so it's ideal for preventing infections, balancing blood sugar and strengthening the immune system.

5) Instant Chaga

instant chaga

The Rolls Royce of superfoods!!! Everyone who has tried it always mentions how strong the powder is. Which is totally true- 1 kg of powder = 6 kg of ground chaga. Our unique patented process guarantees that you are getting ALL the health benefits of chaga without any worry of pollution or other chemicals. Our chaga is all grown in arctic Lapland and handpicked. The price isn't bad either- $0.90/cup/day is not a bad price to pay for your health.





Blackcurrant and our other chaga flavors were in tight running for a spot on the list as well. It's nice to be able to share that all our NordicNordic products have found a way to homes of people that appreciate quality pure nutrition.

Wellness guru David Wolfe's words are a good guide in ending 2016 and starting an even healthier new year-

"I’m a huge fan of berries. I talk about them a lot. If you look at the top five foods of any herbal system in the world, you will always find one or two berries in each list. Berries are loaded with soluble fiber, high mineral content, the most antioxidants, the most color pigments and they are usually low glycemic. They are a great source of energy. To me, berries are the perfect food. They feel good going in and all the way through your digestive system.

If you know me, you know am a big advocate of including medicinal mushrooms as part of your health routine. Two of my favorites that I am never without are reishi and chaga. 

You can add powdered or tinctured versions of medicinal mushrooms into your morning coffee or tea and it will help alkalize your system, improve your immune response, and activate the best day ever. The most benefits are received by taking them regularly over time. 

When Hippocrates said, “Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food,” he was likely referencing substances such as these in the second part of that phrase."

Happy New Year!!!!

With health & love,