Eating healthy during the holidays!

I am facing the same problem again as I do every year- what new to serve during the holidays?

Christmas traditions, excluding cooking the ham, are in my hands. I decided that everyone deserved a healthy and delicious Christmas this year but I really didn't want to add any extra stress or hours of prep time to my already long days.

I made 3 different and really easy and quick options for my family. Whether you try one or all of them- I promise that you'll love them! 

Lingonberry red quinoa scones with cinnamon coconut cream- Reeta tried these treats while visiting Finland and loved them! I will be serving them with chaga and coffee on Christmas Day.

Lemon sea buckthorn cookies with rosemary chaga cocoa- We'll enjoy this on Christmas Eve after Christmas peace has been declared (it's a Finnish thing ;)) . The cookies are good for about a week but when I tested the recipe, these were gone within a day.

Chaga lucuma mousse- we'll have this as a dessert with arabica-coffee after Christmas dinner 


With Health & Love!