Are fresh farm grown berries as healthy as we think?

I've wondered this many times recently. Almost every health magazine, article or website encourages us to add more berries and fruit to our diet and emphasize the unmatched health benefits. The more one looks into this, the more doubts surface and you quickly see that there is another side to the issue. 

Farmed berries

As we all know, almost everything we eat today is somehow artificially enhanced or grown- beef, chicken, fish, milk, vegetables, fruit and even berries. We eat perfectly red, juicy apples as a snack or put farm grown blueberries the size of quarters to decorate our smoothies. But what has happened before these perfect samples arrive to our table?

Let's use farmed blueberries as an example. Farmed berries are a huge business. Seedlings are grown in soil that maximizes the yield on berries. Is the soil, location and growing principles picked to create the most pure products or the largest quantities of berries to maximize profit? Is the location of the field near a highway or pollution? Do we let nature take it's time to ripen the berries or are fertilizers and chemicals used to speed up the process? What about the water used to water the fields, could you drink it? These are all factors to consider in the farmed berry industry and what makes our decisions challenging. 

Many studies have shown that farmed berries can be on the top 10 riskiest foods to consume for the above mentioned reasons. 

Example of growing environment for farmed berries

Example of growing environment for farmed berries

So what should I do to get the health benefits of berries?

Eat Finnish berries from the pure Nordic woods! :)  Grown wild and handpicked during the natural growing cycle and nature's timeline making berries a true Superfood! 

Our berries are handpicked in the wilderness of Northern Finland away from inhabited areas. With no traffic, industrialization, or polluted air and water. Wild berries grow and spread from natural pollination, not by people and genetic selection. Wild berries grow as nature always intended - the yield depending on the previous winter's and summer's weather conditions. 

The wild berries don't suffer from a "bad" summer, there will just be less of them. The health benefits and antioxidants in the berry are just as high. The midnight sun and arctic winters create unique nutritional berries. This fall's harvest is expected to be the best in the last 22 years so we are very excited about it and can't wait to share the bounty with you! 

Our handpicked berries are cleaned and any additional debris is removed prior to taking it directly to the manufacturer for the low temperature drying process or the process of making juice. 

Wild, pure Finnish forest. Clean growing environment of our berries.

Wild, pure Finnish forest. Clean growing environment of our berries.

Our berry powder- whole, fresh berries are dried in special ovens made for the process that heats the berry to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The low temperature and long drying time ensure that all the antioxidants and vitamins are retained. The dried berries are roughly ground up just so the seed is ground and the most bio-active ingredients and oils are retained so our bodies can adsorb it.  After this the powder is packaged in airtight containers. 

100% berries - no sugar, no additives, no preservatives!

Berry juice - made from fresh berries by cold-pressing 

Cold pressed juice is never heated and the process that breaks down the berry is gentle. Polyphenols are in the shell of the berry and our process extracts the ingredients and incorporates it in the juice. The juice contains a lot of the flesh of the berry as well. After the cold-pressing process, the juice is pasteurized to ensure that all damaging bacteria is removed.  

100% berries - no sugar, no additives, no preservatives!

Totally Clean, Pure Nutrition! 

The Finnish FDA (Evira) do a yearly comprehensive studies on the growing environment, the berries and our producers for FDA and the European Union. This ensures that we can confidently offer our products as the purest option for you.

No need to worry about Hepatits A, salmonella or listeria.

Eat wisely!