Why Finnish Chaga?

From the beginning, we only wanted to add products to our brand that were in-line with our beliefs of not just providing pure organic products but also ones that we could stand behind and use ourselves. 

This is why we chose the natural and flavored chaga teas that we offer. The chaga is handpicked from our home country Finland but also is the highest quality available and easy to use. 

The three flavored options are not just super foods because of chaga but also because of the added organic flavors. Raw cocoa and peppermint are the best to assist in overall brain health. Ceylon cinnamon is a known for stabilizing blood insulin. And finally, natural vanilla is a true love food :) We have plans to add a fourth flavored chaga tea, licorice, in the future. I personally used it after suffering from Adrenal fatigue and had a very positive experience.

The ease of use of our chaga tea also won us over. The tea bags can be easily and conveniently used individually but can also be reused several times. One of our favorite ways to reuse the bags is to soak our used tea bags from the past week in a canteen overnight and then use the liquid in multiple different ways; as the liquid base for smoothies or as the liquid when cooking coffee to add extra health benefits. 

Our producer of the chaga teas is a small company in Finland that is rooted in respecting the nature that they collect the mushroom from, high quality and customer satisfaction. We have toured their facilities extensively and know exactly from where each patch of mushrooms were collected and how the mushroom was processed. Their production facilities and process meets the highest health standards and ensures that the health benefits of the mushroom are not destroyed during the production process.

What impressed us the most was the quality difference of the chaga between different growing environments (Finland, China and Russia being the largest "producers"). The company we work with had tested using Chinese chaga mushroom and had a negative experience. The patch they received had been of sub par quality and had a strong moldy odor. This was because of the way the mushroom was handled and processed after collection. Chaga that is correctly collected and processed will have almost no odor and this clearly tipped the scales in favor of us using only high quality Finnish chaga.

I lived in China in the past five years and was shocked to see the amount of pollution and poor air quality after living in Finland most my life. The damage the pollution has on plants let alone on people is staggering. Even the Chinese would rather buy chaga from Finland! Russia is in a fairly similar situation with China. The wide spread industrialization and factories produce high amounts of pollution which obviously is not an ideal growing environment.

The above reasons made our selection of Finnish chaga easy. Even with the slightly higher price, we are able to pinpoint where all the mushroom comes from and know that it's high quality and the healthiest product out on the market. We know that our health and quality consciences customers will appreciate our choice!

We hope that you share this valuable information with others that may be interested in the benefits of chaga or may find it valuable to add chaga as part of their daily diet.