The Beginning of NordicNordic

It was always important for my sister and I to create a brand around our products that communicated the pure clean lines of Finnish design and emphasized the beautiful natural colors of our products. When we started planning on how to build our company and turn our ideas into reality, we decided that one of the first things we wanted to do was have a pattern designed that reflected all the things we wanted to highlight. We are very happy with the end product and you can see the graphic on our products and on the web. Below is some information about the young Finnish designer that designed the graphic pattern you see on our products!

Meri Kähkönen          Age: 29         Email: 

Finnish designer for NordicNordic

Education: Bachelor of Arts, University of Lapland 

Current position: Print Media Assistant, Heltech Helsinki

"I am currently studying for my  Master's in Interior and Textile Design in University of Lapland. I have past experience in graphic design, styling and arts. I moved to Rovaniemi over 3 years ago from Helsinki and I love it here! It is quiet and peaceful and the nature is very beautiful. I get inspiration for my designs from nature, art, music and people around me."

I will be posting fun updates and information about our journey from time to time! I hope that you also read and follow Brittany's blog on our site. Brittany will be using NordicNordic products to assist her with severe eczema and digestion issues. She will be writing about her journey with her every day struggles with both illnesses and how our products are helping her.