Chaga mushrooms is a medicinal mushroom grown almost exclusively on birch trees, and resembles a large growth of burnt bark.  It has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years, but modern research is now beginning to validate many of chaga tea’s historic uses, and with its high nutritional and antioxidant levels, chaga tea offers benefits for nearly everyone.

One of chaga teas’s most impressive qualities is its high level of antioxidants, along with a variety of vitamins and minerals. It is listed as one of the top antioxidant foods currently. The high antioxidant content helps to protect the cells from damage caused by free radicals, especially within the cardiovascular system. Abundant with vitamins, including vitamin K, vitamin D and several B vitamins. Contains minerals: calcium, iron and manganese. 

Chaga contains one of the highest antioxidant levels of any plant found on earth and has the highest ORAC score for natural foods or supplements as tested by the USDA. ORAC stand for Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity.  The ORAC scale designed by the USDA, measures the amount of free oxygen radicals that a food, or supplement can absorb in your body. The ORAC value of chaga is almost ten times that of goji berries and over six times more than acai berry.  

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Chaga should be taken with Vitamin C to aid the body with absorption. Enjoy our Chaga with other NordicNordic products!

Chaga has been found to do the following: 

  • Supports immune system and healthy digestion

  • Improves the appearance of skin and hair

  • Supports the body's ability to detoxify 

  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels

  • Supports respiratory tract health

  • Increases the body's resistance to stress - Boosts energy and stamina. Chaga is a strong adaptagen, which means that heavy stress levels are handled with more calm, ease and mental clarity

  • Reduces bad cholesterol - Rich in chitin protein which breaks down cholesterol
  • Strengthens cells - Chaga has more super oxide dismutase (SOD) than fish oils, barley grass and vitamins E and C. SOD is a powerful enzyme; it works as an anti-oxidant that repairs cell damage from free radicals. SOD is an extremely important enzyme in that it keeps the body`s cells young and supple. 
Caution is advised in people with diabetes or low blood sugar, as well as those taking drugs, herbs, or supplements that affect blood sugar. Chaga should also be avoided if there is a known allergy or sensitivity to mushrooms.


All our berries are grown in the wild and handpicked from one of the purest natures in the world in arctic Northern Finland. The freshly picked wild berries are dehydrated in around 100 degree Fahrenheit temperature. This allows the highest quantity of the nutrients to be reserved. The dried berries are then ground to the most optimal consistency so the maximum amount of oils and bio-active ingredients can be digested.   

Our larger containers of berry powder each contain over 7000 whole berries (seeds and flesh included). 


Sea-buckthorn berry contains over 190 nutrients and phytonutrients, including vitamin C, which is 12 times higher than that of an orange. It also contains high amounts of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein, making it a powerful superfood.

The berry has as much vitamin E as wheat germ, three times more vitamin A than carrots, and four times more superoxide dismutase (SOD), an important enzyme that helps prevent free radical damage, than ginseng. Plus, it’s the only plant source that contains omega 3, 6, 9, and 7 fatty acids. These support healthy cardiovascular function and digestive system, have a positive effect on skin and hair and are seen to promote brain and nervous system functioning. 

Sea buckthorn has been found to do the following:

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  • Improves skins appearance - Because of the anti-aging properties, sea buckthorn is widely used in various products in skincare. For direct healing it can be used on wounds, burns, cuts or any kind of skin damage to support and cool down the skin from external harm. The berry's omega-3 fatty acids combat skin inflammations by reducing levels in the body of an inflammatory substance called leukotriene B-4. Sea buckthorn berries are so rich in health-enhancing constituents that many experts consider them a nutraceutical – a food with health-protective or curative properties. Dr. Mehmet Oz, emmy-award winning TV host of The Dr. Oz Show, has termed sea buckthorn a ‘miracle berry’ and endorses sea buckthorn extracts for their moisturizing, restorative and protective effects on skin. Antioxidants, flavonoids, minerals and carotenoids in the berries prevent aging by supporting cell reproduction and maintain a good immune system.
  • Source of vitamin B12 - Normally appears only in meat. Aging also increases the need of vitamin B12 as the natural absorption of it decreases by 30% in aging.
  • Improves cardiovascular health - Anti-inflammatory components support good cardiovascular health  by reducing the blood pressure and preventing atherosclerosis, meaning blood vessel thickening and blocking.
  • Improves join health - Anti-inflammatory components improve the body’s natural healing process and are seen to relieve joint pain. 
  • Improves general well being - Sea-buckthorn berries are high in beta-carotene, a natural pigment and potent antioxidant. The antioxidants and flavonoids found in berries have anti-inflammatory properties; they also promote healing of connective tissue and can help prevent allergic reactions. Rich in essential vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, E, K which assist in the functioning of the brain and nervous system, enhance eye health for better vision and most importantly, benefit general well being.
Sea buckthorn - ‘an entire health food store in a berry.’
Sea buckthorn berries, although nutritious, have a tart, bitter taste; fortunately, a little goes a long way!


Lingonberries contain a high concentration of Vitamin E. The berries are a great source of fiber, manganese and a variety of polyphenols. Lingonberries also contain lignan, resveratrol and proanthocyanidins. 

Lingonberry has been found to do the following:

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  • Helps with heart and cardiovascular disease and prevention of obesity and diabetes. 
  • Reduces inflammation -  Can lower inflammatory molecules, block oxidants from destroying tissue, and also help the body replace important antioxidants, like glutathione, which is a master antioxidant in our body.
  • Protects antioxidants - Lingonberry has also been shown to increase red blood cell and liver enzymes needed for antioxidant protection. We need antioxidants to protect vessels and nerve tissue, and also to help decrease the damage from inflammation. 
  • Reduces effects of AGEs - Lingonberry has been shown to reduce the effect of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs). AGEs are the byproduct of sugars and heated protein molecules in the body that accumulate in patients with high blood sugar. These AGEs contribute to the damage in a diabetic’s vessels. This damage is a major contributor to kidney disease, eye disease and circulation problems that can lead to skin sores and amputation. 

Check out more information on lingonberries health benefits on Dr Oz's website


Infection-fighting vitamin C shows up in a big way in these little berries. This vitamin has antioxidant properties that stop free radicals (from exposure to toxic chemicals and pollutants that cause aging, cancer, heart disease, and inflammation) from damaging cells.

B-vitamins in blackcurrants such as pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), pyridoxine (vitamin B6) and thiamin (vitamin B1) are called "essential" because they're necessary from regular source outside the body - a.k.a. eating them - because these vitamins are needed by the body for metabolism.

Iron is an important mineral in blackcurrants, providing 20 percent of the daily value along with protection against immunity deficiencies and fatigue by transporting oxygen to cells. Also present are copper, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, and potassium for optimal cell, tissue, and organ function in the body. Anthocyanins are one of the compounds that make blackcurrants uniquely powerful in antioxidants. Flavonoids like betacarotene, zeaxanthin, and cryptoxanthin help lower the risk of lung and mouth cancers, protect against neurological diseases, slow the aging process, and fight inflammation.

Studies show blackcurrants may play a part in preventing Alzheimer's disease, prevent and treat arthritis, gout, and liver problems, ease problems with menopause, painful periods, and PMS, and against diarrhea. 

The ORAC value (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) in blackcurrants is one of the highest among every other fruit but a few: chokeberries, elderberries, and cranberries.


Bilberry contains vitamins A, C, E and K and is a great source of fiber. It is also a source of zinc, copper, potassium, magnesium, iron and manganese. The deep blue flesh of the wild bilberries are known to be rich with anthocyanin compounds and have four times the concentration compared to farmed blueberries. The deeper the color, the richer the berries are in anthocyanin and other antioxidants. 

Bilberry has been found to do the following:

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  • Protects Tissue - With their potent antioxidant activity anthocyanins protect body tissues, particularly blood vessels, from oxidizing agents circulating in the blood. Antioxidants allow these harmful oxidizing agents to bind to them instead of to body cells, preventing the agents from causing permanent damage to the lining of blood vessels.
  • Improves circulation - Several studies have shown that bilberry stimulates blood vessels to release a substance that helps dilate (expand) veins and arteries. Bilberries help keep platelets from clumping together, which, in turn, thins the blood, prevents clotting, and improves circulation. The antioxidants promote the overall health of the vascular system by strengthening the blood vessel walls and cardiac muscles.
  • Improves brain health and memory - Anthocyanin, together with selenium, vitamins and micronutrients can prevent degeneration of brain cells and neuron tissue, as well as heal already damaged cells for sharper memory.
  • Improves skin appearance - The anti-aging properties are known to have a direct effect on skin. The antioxidants, together with other nutrients, neutralise free radicals which cause aging and skin cell damage. A high concentration of pectin is seen to clear intestinal toxins that may contribute to acne. Vitamin C helps in strengthening blood vessel walls and the capillaries just below the skin and therefore can prevent bruises, varicose veins and blotches from appearing on the skin. Improved circulation can also assist in reducing cellulite.
  • Assists in digestion - Antioxidants provide a detoxing effect by cleansing toxins and waste products from the body. The polyphenols found in bilberries have been found to aid in weight loss and are particularly useful in breaking down belly fat. The high content of fiber found in bilberries in turn assists in digestion and works to prevent constipation.
  • Improves vision - High concentrate of anthocyanin, in addition to flavonoids, vitamins C, E and A as well as selenium and carotenoids have been documented as being beneficial for vision and eye health. Improvements were seen in night vision and ability to adjust to darkness. 

Check out information on bilberry's additional health benefits on Dr Oz's website.

Bilberries contain the highest antioxidant level, bite for bite, of any berry!