Hello! Hei!

We founded NordicNordic in 2015 with the vision of bringing the unique bounty of Finnish nature to everyone around the world. 

We know our vision is grand but we never forget our roots. It's quite the opposite, the further from Finland we are, the more we appreciate the purity of Finnish nature. In the beginning, as it still is, the nature is our biggest inspiration. 

So, what is nordic?

It's barren or even primitive nature. It's four totally unique seasons. It's the purest nutrition in the world for your body. It's all the words that are synonyms to pure clean environment. 

Because there's two of us, we decided to use the word twice and so NordicNordic was born. We are not just a company selling superfoods, we also offer a innovative way of life around your pure nutrition. Our ideology of overall well-being is supported by joy, 100% honesty and integrity to our customers but also nature. We work closely with our customers - both individuals as well as retailers. 

We sell internationally but we always only use 100% Finnish ingredients. Our end products are made with a patented production method that contains all the health benefits of the ingredients. We can always ensure that our products are highest quality superfoods!

We are the right place for you if you are interested in real simple pure nutrition and its effect to your overall health.

We are always encouraging you to give us feedback and suggestions. Our customer care department is happy to answer questions about Finnish nutrition, our products and health benefits.

You can purchase our products online or from authorized retailers.

Welcome to NordicNordic world, we hope you get inspired! 

Nina & Reeta